Inverting the rate of road accidents

as the objective of the 2nd International Road Safety and Road Accident Prevention Exhibition

Road insecurity remains a major challenge. This is why the National Center for Road Safety and Road Accident Prevention (CNPSR) has organized a number of awareness-raising campaigns to this issue, including the International Road Safety and Road Accident Prevention Exhibition RS EXPO, to be heldin partnership with Symbiose Communication Environment, from 28 to 30 January 2019, at the Safex Exhibition Hall at Pins Maritimes, Algiers.

Placed Under the patronage of the Ministry of the Interior, Local Organizations and Land Development, this event brings together national and foreign experts whose mission is to raise awareness of Algerian citizens in general and car drivers in particular about road hazards.

During the three days of this important event, the participants will be called upon to contribute to the process of responding more effectively to the slaughter on the roads:

The 2nd edition of RS Expo will take place on the sidelines of the 6th edition of the International Transport, Logistics and Mobility Exhibition. Algeria Infrastructure.


1st quarter of the year 2018

Vehicles involved in traffic accidents

Light vehicles 3780
Heavy Vehicles 404
Motorcycle 678
Public Transport 194
Taxis 122
Cycles 54
Farm Tractors 11
Trains 17
Construction machinery 5
Tramways 7
Not determined 6

Causes of accidents